Five Observable Changes in the Ecosystem

With every other year, it gets more difficult to deny climate change. The ice cap is melting, the sea level rises, the average temperatures grow. The impact of climate change on ecosystems may soon be dramatic. Today we observe major changes in ecosystems triggered by warming. Some species become extinct, others migrate without any optimistic prospect. Living beings strongly depend on a stable environment. Even humans rely on favorable climate conditions more than we think.
Melting of icy lands and glaciers is vivid. It causes the rise of sea level, which brings floods to coastal areas. Nevertheless, Greenland and other countries in the Arctic Circle seem to benefit from warming. As the ice melts, Greenlanders unlock their frozen reserves such as farming, mining, shipping, and tourism. An ice-free Northwest Passage between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans provides a better sea access to Canada. However, the benefits of ice melting are questionable. Greenland currently suffers from droughts, and ice-free areas in the North make an easy way to the drilling of the sea shelf.
Many species became extinct in the climate change. Coral reefs are the most vulnerable to warming. The Caribbean region has lost half of its corals since 2005. Lately, Japan’s government announced that most of its large coral reef system has died. The Australian Great Barrier Reef has also suffered. The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicts that coral reefs would vanish almost completely by 2050.

Air Power: Saving Money and Resources with Wind Power

Today most people try to find the best energy decision for their business or household. We will not rely on conventional energy for long since alternative sources are in practice. Besides, there are a few options for owners who can now produce energy from renewable sources and be one step ahead of those paying for light and heat from fossils.
Solar power is the most popular one. It is clean, advanced, and cost-efficient, though highly dependent on weather, poorly stored, and expensive at the first time. Geothermal energy is another great renewable energy decision but still, it can be used only in particular regions. The costs for installation and maintenance of geothermal pumps are also high.
Wind energy production is the fastest growing in the world alongside solar energy. Unlike solar or geothermal energy, wind power is associated with almost zero pollution, including installation and maintenance. Multiple wind turbines in the wind farms generate large amounts of electric power. By 2030, the US aims to produce 20% of its electricity by wind power.
Wind power is a perfect solution for landowners. You do not have to own the turbine (unlike photovoltaic battery) to use the energy – just buy wind power from the local organization that produces wind energy in the area. You can also earn money by allowing to install the wind turbine on your land. Besides, wind turbines generate enough energy for businesses and households to run on. The largest turbines generate enough electricity to meet the demand of 600 US homes.

Comparing the Lives of Youth in the Past and the Present. What Are the Differences and What Are the Similarities?

Everything was different when we were young, parents of millennials say. Indeed, the world has changed greatly over the last 30 years. While youngsters of the 80s were used to partying, listening to the music on vinyl, and joining clubs, their children are more common with iPods, Facebook, and Netflix. The same interests but a different manifestation. After all, there are much more similarities between children and their parents than we usually think.
Watching their kids playing video games, parents probably remind themselves enjoying Super Mario or Star Wars. The 1980s witnessed the incredible rise of video game industry with NES, ColecoVision, and the newcomer Nintendo. Both consoles and games are much more advanced now, but video games are already an old entertainment. Besides, millennials have a passion for music just like their parents did. Perhaps, fans of David Bowie, John Lennon, and Michael Jackson do not quite get Lady Gaga, Rihanna, or Jay Z but still, they could not imagine a teen without headphones in the ears. Cigarettes and weed remain popular addictions among teens today, though drugs industry has grown significantly.
There are rather few things that parents of millennials would not understand, but the technology changes the world so fast that older peers may choose not to run after it. Technological development brought new popular careers that were unknown decades ago. Software developer, computer system analyst, graphic designer, and other IT people are very popular these days. However, all types of physicians and nurses are in great demand either.

What Are the Effects of Spending Too Much Time on Social Media to the Physical Health of Children?

Overuse of Facebook and alike media is connected to online addiction, poor productivity, and apathy. Parents can easily detect children overuse their peer media by how they interact with others and how eagerly they engage in offline activities. Kids addicted to social media look exhausted, disinterested in any alternative activities, and easily start a tantrum when distracted. But children spellbound to their screen show signs of physical disorders as well. 
Constant staring at the screen is tough for the eyesight, doctors warn. Lately, much more children have developed short sight in the early years as compared to the generation of their parents. Getting used to small type of mobile version, eyes adapt to the reading distance and stop focusing on long distance objects. Myopia is not a threat for all, but still, much more children gain it in the digital age.
Overuse of social media comes with the sedentary lifestyle. And this is the point when children actually develop physical conditions. The lack of movement stimulates obesity and intrudes circulation of blood. Disturbed metabolism is characteristic of many present-day teenagers, and poor physical activity does not help them to lose weight. Cramping over devices, children easily develop scoliosis and have trouble with their neck bone.
Apparently, human organism has not yet adapted to the impact of smartphones and computers. We are still meant to be physically active to keep fit. Addiction to social media distract children from sports and any basic physical activity they need just to walk down the street. The relation between social media and sedentary lifestyle is utter, and we cannot deny that staying addicted to the web children ruin their good health.

What Are the Effects of the Different Advertisements That Young People Watch on Television or Listen to on Radio?

Many adults try to consciously turn away from advertising. They wish to control the commercials they see, but this is not the case with children. Little kids like watching bright and attractive commercials even if they do not quite understand them. While adults try to escape intrusive ads, the amount of child-oriented advertising grows.
Despite little kids like commercials, they do not understand their messages at the early age. Children below the age of 4-5 do not distinguish between the commercials and the programs. Similarly, children below 7-8 years do not recognize the persuasive content of advertising. How then can advertisers annually spend $12 billion on content that is not perceived by the target audience?
Multiple studies confirm that children recall well the ads they have been shown. While children are yet unaware of the options in the market, their product preferences form solely due to advertising. Product preferences turn into child’s product purchase requests. Eventually, these requests have a great power on the purchase of parents.
Ads may seem pretty harmless for little kids who do not understand persuasive messages yet, but everything is different with teenagers. Despite limitations, they are exposed to advertising of alcohol and cigarettes. In fact, such advertising is targeted at teenagers in the first place as companies use bright colorful and creative “pro-youngsters” design to promote products for adults.
Another “grey zone” in advertising are commercials at schools. Soda and snack food companies try to leak in schools by all means because their effect on students is tremendous. Practically all of them can allow themselves snacks that become their favorite daily food. Students eagerly buy fast food advertised everywhere, and it often becomes cool among peers.

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Process design matrix and summary examples


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Is Psychosis a Collapse of the Ego?

This research seeks to find out the connection between psychosis and ego according to Freud and Lacan theories of psychosis. Freud describes psychosis as a form of primary narcissism. He argues that the psychotic withdraws his energy from the objects as well as things and redirects it to his ego. Then, the ego goes ahead to project these rejected ideas outside itself to an extent that the ego fails to recognize as ever having. On other hand, Lacan derives his foreclosure concept about psychosis from Freud’s concept of projection. According to Lacan, foreclosure is viewed as the defining structure of psychosis. Foreclosure is defined as a primordial defense because it does not act upon a signifier that already exists or is inscribed within a chain of signifiers. Rather, it rejects the inscription.
In order to answer the principal question, the study conducted a literature review of the published materials. Most of these materials were selected through searches conducted on the internet using terms that match the study. The materials used were related to the theories of Freud and Lacan on psychosis and psychoanalysis. The materials were selected from some of the online web catalogues that host scholarly articles including WEBCOHOST and PUBMED.

From the search terms used, several articles were identified that were then chosen based on their relevance to the topic
Summary of results
According to the literature reviewed, Freud sees psychosis to be brought about by rejected libido that is directed to the ego. The ego projects the rejected ideas outside of itself and to the person it seems that ego does not exist since the ego fails to recognize the rejected ideas. The psychotic delusions or hallucinations irrupt from outside the rejected ideas that go back to the ego. On the other hand, psychosis delusions such as hallucinations come from foreclosure such if a name is suppressed, it will come back later in forms of hallucinations.
Therefore, psychosis does present an ego collapse where the ego is not able to recognize some of the rejected ideas and behaves as if such rejected ideas have not been there. Projections and foreclosure are forms of defense according to Freud and Lacan

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Food nutrition and decision making by managers

Information about food is always changing and too could collect dated cuttings from newspapers and magazines to help jeep your knowledge on food issues such as labeling and hygiene regulations as update as possible. Food issues change rapidly, so some of the in books of nutrition and dietetics may soon become out of date.
All food provides us with the nutrients, which are essential to keep us alive and healthy. The nutrients that we need include protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins and minerals. In addition, dietary fiber (NSP) and water are needed to keep the body working properly, but these are not nutrients. Foods which supply a variety of nutrients are called nitrous foods. Some foods keep are rich sources of particular nutrients, for example, milk is a reach source of calcium, and oranges are rich source of vitamin C. nutrients have different roles to play in the way the body functions(Jenny,7).
Carbohydrates are energy rich foods and supply with energy. The body needs energy to execute its functions efficiently. Proteins are body building and help with growth and repair. Vitamins and minerals have many different roles, but in general they are protective and help to keep us healthy. The type of food we eat or drink is called our diet. Everyone follows a diet, whatever they eat. Some people may say that they follow a poor diet or a healthy diet. People sometimes think that a diet only refers to a slimming diet, when they try to reduce the amount of the food they eat in order to lose weight, but this is absolutely wrong. Some people may follow special diets for specific medical reasons such as diabetes or celiac disease. For good feeding that will favor good heath to our bodies we need to take a balanced diet. A balanced diet provides all the necessary nutrients in the appropriate proportions and quantities to meet our body needs. One way to follow a balanced diet is to make sure that we eat a variety of foods which supply range of nutrients. Carbohydrate in the form of starchy foods such as bread, pasta, cereals and potatoes should be a major part of a balanced diet.

We should also aim to eat at least five portions of fruit or vegetables each day(Jenny, 11).
If we eat more food than we require for our energy needs the extra energy supplied will be stored as fats. Then our weight will increase and we could eventually become obese. Obesity is the problem in UK since some people are taking less exercise and eating too much fatty, sugary food. Overweight is linked to other illness including heart disease and high food pressure. Due to the fear of obesity some people eat too little food to just meet their need. Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder associated with teenage girls who refuse to eat and suffer severe weight loss. Still again lack to eat much has its adverse effects too.
As a manager, one needs to be well informed when it comes to food matters. A good knowledge about food nutrition and dietetics guides managers in hospitality field. It enables them to arrive at good sanitation and hygienic planning in an organization. In addition, it guide the managers in arriving at good decisions, when it comes to the matters of decision making on food production and preparation in hotels.

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Leadership Summary: Martin Luther King, Jr

Martin Luther King, Jr was born in January 15th 1929 and is considered as the father of the modern day civil rights movement due to his civil rights activities. He was named Michael Luther King, Jr at birth after his father but his name was legally changed to Martin late on in life by his father. He was a pastor at the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta serving alongside his father and his grandfather before his father from 1960 to the time of his death in 1968. He was the leader of the African-American Civil Rights Movement and advocated for non-violent civil disobedience (The Nobel Foundation 1964 , 2013).
He was born in Atlanta Georgia to Martin Luther King, Sr and Alberta Williams King. He was the middle born of three children, an elder sister, Willie Christine King and a younger brother, Alfred Daniel William King. Early on in life he doubted the truth as written in the bible but he later reconciled his conviction with God and decided to join the seminary. He attended the famous Booker T. Washington High School and skipped the ninth and twelfth grades. He was enrolled at Morehouse College at the young age of thirteen and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology in 1948 despite not formally graduating from high school. He then enrolled at Crozer Theological Seminary in Chester Pennsylvania where he graduated in 1951. He married Corretta Scott in June 18th 1953 at Heibeger Alabama and had four children (The Nobel Foundation 1964 , 2013).
In 1954, as an executive member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, he led a bus boycott in order to stop the segregation of people due to their race in public transport system and it lasted for 382 days. This decision was upheld by the Supreme Court in December 1956 which ruled the move as illegal. During the period of the boycott, Dr. King was arrested, his house was torched and his family was harassed but through all of this, he rose up as to be leader of the African American community (The Nobel Foundation 1964 , 2013).
He was elected as the leader of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, which was an organization formed to supply/ provide leadership for the civil rights movements where he worked for eleven years. He used the principles from the bible and Mahatma Gandhi to lead the organization. He travelled far and wide giving speeches and actively participating in protests and also wrote five books alongside many newspaper articles. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize at the age of 35 and he donated the money to farther the civil rights movement. He was assassinated because of his work in Memphis Tennessee in April 4th 1968 while he was standing at the balcony of his hotel room by a sniper (Newsweek Magazine, 1998).
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr was a great leader because he managed to lead his followers through a very hard time in history and effectively achieved his mission through non-violent means despite most of the followers being fanatics. He was humble and minded the people first seen by the fact that he gave away all the money he was awarded. He was a hands-on leader and was not afraid to get his hands dirty for the sake of others. He did not consolidate power to himself rather he helped build up other people to work alongside him as he believed that there was strength in numbers. He identified with the meek and down trodden which was the source of his power.

However, he had too much trust in humanity which ultimately led to his death (Tames, 2013).
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr was a good leader as he led from the front and was good at controlling his followers. He was a good orator and used this to his advantage through the speeches he gave. Famous speeches and quotes include “I’ve Been to the Mountain Top” and “Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed” (Proverbia, 2009).
He adopted the Christian doctrine of turning the other cheek thus chose the non-violence approach to lead the masses. He was down to earth and engaged his followers as he would appear wherever and whenever needed despite the abuse that was directed towards him, his family and followers. He followed this ethical code of conduct till the time of his death (The Nobel Foundation 1964 , 2013).
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr led a global movement despite his young age. He managed this through his personal charismatic traits. He knew that he could not work alone thus built his organization to concentrate on the issues at heart and not his personality. This ensured that the movement continued despite his untimely death. The organization was built from the ground up thus any person could participate in its activities. This made the people feel wanted and needed as part of the organization. There was ease in the dissemination of information throughout the organization as it was built through a weave of connections. This ensured that each member of the organization could be easily reached. The members of the organization varied from the rich to the unions to the people who were dirt poor. Despite all these differences, they managed to work as a single unit (Tames, 2013).

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