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Personal statement


A personal statement is a document prepared to show a person’s qualifications, personality and experience in regards to a particular matter at hand. A personal statement is used for example by a student who is seeking admission into a different school. In the area of employment, a personal statement is used to prove that one is qualified and fit to be considered for the job he/she is applying for. The details in the personal statement, determines if it achieves the desired objective or not. It is just a form of an essay that showcases one’s personal profile. The essay should be having a professional touch for one to be able to achieve the desired ends. Essays also form an integral part of student’s life. Most of the assignments are in the form of essays.
While a personal statement is always an essay, an essay must not necessarily be a personal statement. A personal statement is more of a formal piece since it is a document that mainly seeks permission for one to be given something or an opportunity to be included in an organization. Apart from such formal occasions, the only other instance when a personal statement has always been written is when students are being trained on how to come up with one. An essay on the other hand can be written on different occasions like for fun or in the form of term papers. In the recent past, learners have even taken advantage of the existence of writing companies like ours, to help them out with writing their essay papers. To come up with such papers is not very easy since it calls for full adherence to the rules that govern the same.