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Five Observable Changes in the Ecosystem

With every other year, it gets more difficult to deny climate change. The ice cap is melting, the sea level rises, the average temperatures grow. The impact of climate change on ecosystems may soon be dramatic. Today we observe major changes in ecosystems triggered by warming. Some species become extinct, others migrate without any optimistic prospect. Living beings strongly depend on a stable environment. Even humans rely on favorable climate conditions more than we think.
Melting of icy lands and glaciers is vivid. It causes the rise of sea level, which brings floods to coastal areas. Nevertheless, Greenland and other countries in the Arctic Circle seem to benefit from warming. As the ice melts, Greenlanders unlock their frozen reserves such as farming, mining, shipping, and tourism. An ice-free Northwest Passage between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans provides a better sea access to Canada. However, the benefits of ice melting are questionable. Greenland currently suffers from droughts, and ice-free areas in the North make an easy way to the drilling of the sea shelf.
Many species became extinct in the climate change. Coral reefs are the most vulnerable to warming. The Caribbean region has lost half of its corals since 2005. Lately, Japan’s government announced that most of its large coral reef system has died. The Australian Great Barrier Reef has also suffered. The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicts that coral reefs would vanish almost completely by 2050.

Air Power: Saving Money and Resources with Wind Power

Today most people try to find the best energy decision for their business or household. We will not rely on conventional energy for long since alternative sources are in practice. Besides, there are a few options for owners who can now produce energy from renewable sources and be one step ahead of those paying for light and heat from fossils.
Solar power is the most popular one. It is clean, advanced, and cost-efficient, though highly dependent on weather, poorly stored, and expensive at the first time. Geothermal energy is another great renewable energy decision but still, it can be used only in particular regions. The costs for installation and maintenance of geothermal pumps are also high.
Wind energy production is the fastest growing in the world alongside solar energy. Unlike solar or geothermal energy, wind power is associated with almost zero pollution, including installation and maintenance. Multiple wind turbines in the wind farms generate large amounts of electric power. By 2030, the US aims to produce 20% of its electricity by wind power.
Wind power is a perfect solution for landowners. You do not have to own the turbine (unlike photovoltaic battery) to use the energy – just buy wind power from the local organization that produces wind energy in the area. You can also earn money by allowing to install the wind turbine on your land. Besides, wind turbines generate enough energy for businesses and households to run on. The largest turbines generate enough electricity to meet the demand of 600 US homes.

Comparing the Lives of Youth in the Past and the Present. What Are the Differences and What Are the Similarities?

Everything was different when we were young, parents of millennials say. Indeed, the world has changed greatly over the last 30 years. While youngsters of the 80s were used to partying, listening to the music on vinyl, and joining clubs, their children are more common with iPods, Facebook, and Netflix. The same interests but a different manifestation. After all, there are much more similarities between children and their parents than we usually think.
Watching their kids playing video games, parents probably remind themselves enjoying Super Mario or Star Wars. The 1980s witnessed the incredible rise of video game industry with NES, ColecoVision, and the newcomer Nintendo. Both consoles and games are much more advanced now, but video games are already an old entertainment. Besides, millennials have a passion for music just like their parents did. Perhaps, fans of David Bowie, John Lennon, and Michael Jackson do not quite get Lady Gaga, Rihanna, or Jay Z but still, they could not imagine a teen without headphones in the ears. Cigarettes and weed remain popular addictions among teens today, though drugs industry has grown significantly.
There are rather few things that parents of millennials would not understand, but the technology changes the world so fast that older peers may choose not to run after it. Technological development brought new popular careers that were unknown decades ago. Software developer, computer system analyst, graphic designer, and other IT people are very popular these days. However, all types of physicians and nurses are in great demand either.

What Are the Effects of Spending Too Much Time on Social Media to the Physical Health of Children?

Overuse of Facebook and alike media is connected to online addiction, poor productivity, and apathy. Parents can easily detect children overuse their peer media by how they interact with others and how eagerly they engage in offline activities. Kids addicted to social media look exhausted, disinterested in any alternative activities, and easily start a tantrum when distracted. But children spellbound to their screen show signs of physical disorders as well. 
Constant staring at the screen is tough for the eyesight, doctors warn. Lately, much more children have developed short sight in the early years as compared to the generation of their parents. Getting used to small type of mobile version, eyes adapt to the reading distance and stop focusing on long distance objects. Myopia is not a threat for all, but still, much more children gain it in the digital age.
Overuse of social media comes with the sedentary lifestyle. And this is the point when children actually develop physical conditions. The lack of movement stimulates obesity and intrudes circulation of blood. Disturbed metabolism is characteristic of many present-day teenagers, and poor physical activity does not help them to lose weight. Cramping over devices, children easily develop scoliosis and have trouble with their neck bone.
Apparently, human organism has not yet adapted to the impact of smartphones and computers. We are still meant to be physically active to keep fit. Addiction to social media distract children from sports and any basic physical activity they need just to walk down the street. The relation between social media and sedentary lifestyle is utter, and we cannot deny that staying addicted to the web children ruin their good health.

What Are the Effects of the Different Advertisements That Young People Watch on Television or Listen to on Radio?

Many adults try to consciously turn away from advertising. They wish to control the commercials they see, but this is not the case with children. Little kids like watching bright and attractive commercials even if they do not quite understand them. While adults try to escape intrusive ads, the amount of child-oriented advertising grows.
Despite little kids like commercials, they do not understand their messages at the early age. Children below the age of 4-5 do not distinguish between the commercials and the programs. Similarly, children below 7-8 years do not recognize the persuasive content of advertising. How then can advertisers annually spend $12 billion on content that is not perceived by the target audience?
Multiple studies confirm that children recall well the ads they have been shown. While children are yet unaware of the options in the market, their product preferences form solely due to advertising. Product preferences turn into child’s product purchase requests. Eventually, these requests have a great power on the purchase of parents.
Ads may seem pretty harmless for little kids who do not understand persuasive messages yet, but everything is different with teenagers. Despite limitations, they are exposed to advertising of alcohol and cigarettes. In fact, such advertising is targeted at teenagers in the first place as companies use bright colorful and creative “pro-youngsters” design to promote products for adults.
Another “grey zone” in advertising are commercials at schools. Soda and snack food companies try to leak in schools by all means because their effect on students is tremendous. Practically all of them can allow themselves snacks that become their favorite daily food. Students eagerly buy fast food advertised everywhere, and it often becomes cool among peers.

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Classification essay

Sometimes, students are required to give classifications of certain things mostly the science related fields. The major principle behind the classification essay is the principle of organization. There are many principles of organization that one can use in classification. However these principles will largely depend on the topic that has been chosen for the essay. For instance, topics that are related to finance will need some of the categorization principles of the finance fields.
Normally, the principle behind the organization is meant to give the correct analysis of the item of discussion. But this does not apply to all the cases. There are a lot of major fields that require unique categorizations. These in most cases are what lead to an interesting and a well written essay. Normally, examples are used to give emphasis or give better picture of what is being explained. To bring the true picture of the correct categorization a few examples would do just right.
Sorting is a very important aspect in writing such a classification.

As much as the categories have been decided, it would be of clarity to arrange them in a more logical way. This might be chronologically or in order of importance. Following these steps, being clear cut and thorough are just but a few ways that will make the essay look as presentable and professional as possible. It is common to mismatch some of the important things that are required of such an essay. For this reason, it is important to use a single classification principle, a single categorizing principle and using working and effective examples to bring out the various topics that project the true picture of the item of interest.

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Academic topics for research papers

. Academic research paper topicsmust meet certain qualities for it to be considered an academic topic. Most researches being conducted reflect certain problems that the society or the world as whole faces. There are many problems which humans have gotten used to but they need dire solutions to make life comfortable. Academic topics for research papers that are relevant will always sway minds and pursue audience to read through. Such topics are timely and focus on the current issues affecting particular community or a nation. Academic research topics for research papers must be in line with the specific academic discipline that it seeks to address. The ultimate research paper is one that revolves around academic topic and specific theme the researcher has set for research paper.
Arguments for pro or against the academic research paper topic is supposed to be backed up with evidence in a precise and direct fashion. Researchers who go around generalizing main issue that need to be address always write boring and wordy research papers.

Academic research papers follow instructions and guidelines of the assignment. If a researcher decides to write a custom paper, specific order of instruction must be adhered to; following instruction from online writing labs such as Purdue and owl is significantly important in ensuring that a standardized paper is delivered to the relevant audience.
Academic research paper topic allow for small window for a writer to express his/her thoughts unless the researcher is doing recommendation part of the paper. According to many research sites, research paper topic should focus on summary, persuasion or arguments, narration, evaluation, analysis, investigation and lastly observation.

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How to write a thesis for a research paper

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The #1 Reason Leadership Development Fails

An article named “The #1 Reason Leadership Development Fail” written by Mike Myatt, a Forbes journal contributor, adresses a problem of leadership training program inefectiveness in perspective of benefits to a person being trained, and consequently, orgainisation. Author states that “Training is often a rote, one directional, one dimensional, one size fits all, authoritarian process that imposes static, outdated information on people”, in contrary to mentoring and coaching practices, which are believed to be focused on people rather than techniqe or content. Provided, managerial development within organisation is essential to maintain healthy growth at an optimum, what methods should be used to ensure that strategical leadership decisions being made are correct, progressive and up to date?
In order to obtain unique people with extraordinary approach, organisation should take care to develop its leaders within “nuanced, contextual, collaborative, fluid, and above all else, actionable” boundaries.

While there is no perfect recipe for choosing “right” managerial directions, development must occur beyond the norm, as stated by author. Since development of leaders is aimed to ensure, that future of organisation will be in hands of profecient leaders, coaching must be crafted taking into account the specifics of business objectives, focus on growth and maximising the potential both of individuall and business, contributing to innovative business solutions and overal performance. By no means organisation should create people who are “robotic, static thinkers”. Undoubtfully, enterprise can not “grow and evolve if leadership is not”.

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