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Thesis quality


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Process design matrix and summary examples


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Is Psychosis a Collapse of the Ego?

This research seeks to find out the connection between psychosis and ego according to Freud and Lacan theories of psychosis. Freud describes psychosis as a form of primary narcissism. He argues that the psychotic withdraws his energy from the objects as well as things and redirects it to his ego. Then, the ego goes ahead to project these rejected ideas outside itself to an extent that the ego fails to recognize as ever having. On other hand, Lacan derives his foreclosure concept about psychosis from Freud’s concept of projection. According to Lacan, foreclosure is viewed as the defining structure of psychosis. Foreclosure is defined as a primordial defense because it does not act upon a signifier that already exists or is inscribed within a chain of signifiers. Rather, it rejects the inscription.
In order to answer the principal question, the study conducted a literature review of the published materials. Most of these materials were selected through searches conducted on the internet using terms that match the study. The materials used were related to the theories of Freud and Lacan on psychosis and psychoanalysis. The materials were selected from some of the online web catalogues that host scholarly articles including WEBCOHOST and PUBMED.

From the search terms used, several articles were identified that were then chosen based on their relevance to the topic
Summary of results
According to the literature reviewed, Freud sees psychosis to be brought about by rejected libido that is directed to the ego. The ego projects the rejected ideas outside of itself and to the person it seems that ego does not exist since the ego fails to recognize the rejected ideas. The psychotic delusions or hallucinations irrupt from outside the rejected ideas that go back to the ego. On the other hand, psychosis delusions such as hallucinations come from foreclosure such if a name is suppressed, it will come back later in forms of hallucinations.
Therefore, psychosis does present an ego collapse where the ego is not able to recognize some of the rejected ideas and behaves as if such rejected ideas have not been there. Projections and foreclosure are forms of defense according to Freud and Lacan

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Food nutrition and decision making by managers

Information about food is always changing and too could collect dated cuttings from newspapers and magazines to help jeep your knowledge on food issues such as labeling and hygiene regulations as update as possible. Food issues change rapidly, so some of the in books of nutrition and dietetics may soon become out of date.
All food provides us with the nutrients, which are essential to keep us alive and healthy. The nutrients that we need include protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins and minerals. In addition, dietary fiber (NSP) and water are needed to keep the body working properly, but these are not nutrients. Foods which supply a variety of nutrients are called nitrous foods. Some foods keep are rich sources of particular nutrients, for example, milk is a reach source of calcium, and oranges are rich source of vitamin C. nutrients have different roles to play in the way the body functions(Jenny,7).
Carbohydrates are energy rich foods and supply with energy. The body needs energy to execute its functions efficiently. Proteins are body building and help with growth and repair. Vitamins and minerals have many different roles, but in general they are protective and help to keep us healthy. The type of food we eat or drink is called our diet. Everyone follows a diet, whatever they eat. Some people may say that they follow a poor diet or a healthy diet. People sometimes think that a diet only refers to a slimming diet, when they try to reduce the amount of the food they eat in order to lose weight, but this is absolutely wrong. Some people may follow special diets for specific medical reasons such as diabetes or celiac disease. For good feeding that will favor good heath to our bodies we need to take a balanced diet. A balanced diet provides all the necessary nutrients in the appropriate proportions and quantities to meet our body needs. One way to follow a balanced diet is to make sure that we eat a variety of foods which supply range of nutrients. Carbohydrate in the form of starchy foods such as bread, pasta, cereals and potatoes should be a major part of a balanced diet.

We should also aim to eat at least five portions of fruit or vegetables each day(Jenny, 11).
If we eat more food than we require for our energy needs the extra energy supplied will be stored as fats. Then our weight will increase and we could eventually become obese. Obesity is the problem in UK since some people are taking less exercise and eating too much fatty, sugary food. Overweight is linked to other illness including heart disease and high food pressure. Due to the fear of obesity some people eat too little food to just meet their need. Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder associated with teenage girls who refuse to eat and suffer severe weight loss. Still again lack to eat much has its adverse effects too.
As a manager, one needs to be well informed when it comes to food matters. A good knowledge about food nutrition and dietetics guides managers in hospitality field. It enables them to arrive at good sanitation and hygienic planning in an organization. In addition, it guide the managers in arriving at good decisions, when it comes to the matters of decision making on food production and preparation in hotels.

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Leadership Summary: Martin Luther King, Jr

Martin Luther King, Jr was born in January 15th 1929 and is considered as the father of the modern day civil rights movement due to his civil rights activities. He was named Michael Luther King, Jr at birth after his father but his name was legally changed to Martin late on in life by his father. He was a pastor at the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta serving alongside his father and his grandfather before his father from 1960 to the time of his death in 1968. He was the leader of the African-American Civil Rights Movement and advocated for non-violent civil disobedience (The Nobel Foundation 1964 , 2013).
He was born in Atlanta Georgia to Martin Luther King, Sr and Alberta Williams King. He was the middle born of three children, an elder sister, Willie Christine King and a younger brother, Alfred Daniel William King. Early on in life he doubted the truth as written in the bible but he later reconciled his conviction with God and decided to join the seminary. He attended the famous Booker T. Washington High School and skipped the ninth and twelfth grades. He was enrolled at Morehouse College at the young age of thirteen and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in sociology in 1948 despite not formally graduating from high school. He then enrolled at Crozer Theological Seminary in Chester Pennsylvania where he graduated in 1951. He married Corretta Scott in June 18th 1953 at Heibeger Alabama and had four children (The Nobel Foundation 1964 , 2013).
In 1954, as an executive member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, he led a bus boycott in order to stop the segregation of people due to their race in public transport system and it lasted for 382 days. This decision was upheld by the Supreme Court in December 1956 which ruled the move as illegal. During the period of the boycott, Dr. King was arrested, his house was torched and his family was harassed but through all of this, he rose up as to be leader of the African American community (The Nobel Foundation 1964 , 2013).
He was elected as the leader of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, which was an organization formed to supply/ provide leadership for the civil rights movements where he worked for eleven years. He used the principles from the bible and Mahatma Gandhi to lead the organization. He travelled far and wide giving speeches and actively participating in protests and also wrote five books alongside many newspaper articles. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize at the age of 35 and he donated the money to farther the civil rights movement. He was assassinated because of his work in Memphis Tennessee in April 4th 1968 while he was standing at the balcony of his hotel room by a sniper (Newsweek Magazine, 1998).
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr was a great leader because he managed to lead his followers through a very hard time in history and effectively achieved his mission through non-violent means despite most of the followers being fanatics. He was humble and minded the people first seen by the fact that he gave away all the money he was awarded. He was a hands-on leader and was not afraid to get his hands dirty for the sake of others. He did not consolidate power to himself rather he helped build up other people to work alongside him as he believed that there was strength in numbers. He identified with the meek and down trodden which was the source of his power.

However, he had too much trust in humanity which ultimately led to his death (Tames, 2013).
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr was a good leader as he led from the front and was good at controlling his followers. He was a good orator and used this to his advantage through the speeches he gave. Famous speeches and quotes include “I’ve Been to the Mountain Top” and “Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed” (Proverbia, 2009).
He adopted the Christian doctrine of turning the other cheek thus chose the non-violence approach to lead the masses. He was down to earth and engaged his followers as he would appear wherever and whenever needed despite the abuse that was directed towards him, his family and followers. He followed this ethical code of conduct till the time of his death (The Nobel Foundation 1964 , 2013).
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr led a global movement despite his young age. He managed this through his personal charismatic traits. He knew that he could not work alone thus built his organization to concentrate on the issues at heart and not his personality. This ensured that the movement continued despite his untimely death. The organization was built from the ground up thus any person could participate in its activities. This made the people feel wanted and needed as part of the organization. There was ease in the dissemination of information throughout the organization as it was built through a weave of connections. This ensured that each member of the organization could be easily reached. The members of the organization varied from the rich to the unions to the people who were dirt poor. Despite all these differences, they managed to work as a single unit (Tames, 2013).

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Classification essay

Sometimes, students are required to give classifications of certain things mostly the science related fields. The major principle behind the classification essay is the principle of organization. There are many principles of organization that one can use in classification. However these principles will largely depend on the topic that has been chosen for the essay. For instance, topics that are related to finance will need some of the categorization principles of the finance fields.
Normally, the principle behind the organization is meant to give the correct analysis of the item of discussion. But this does not apply to all the cases. There are a lot of major fields that require unique categorizations. These in most cases are what lead to an interesting and a well written essay. Normally, examples are used to give emphasis or give better picture of what is being explained. To bring the true picture of the correct categorization a few examples would do just right.
Sorting is a very important aspect in writing such a classification.

As much as the categories have been decided, it would be of clarity to arrange them in a more logical way. This might be chronologically or in order of importance. Following these steps, being clear cut and thorough are just but a few ways that will make the essay look as presentable and professional as possible. It is common to mismatch some of the important things that are required of such an essay. For this reason, it is important to use a single classification principle, a single categorizing principle and using working and effective examples to bring out the various topics that project the true picture of the item of interest.

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Academic topics for research papers

. Academic research paper topicsmust meet certain qualities for it to be considered an academic topic. Most researches being conducted reflect certain problems that the society or the world as whole faces. There are many problems which humans have gotten used to but they need dire solutions to make life comfortable. Academic topics for research papers that are relevant will always sway minds and pursue audience to read through. Such topics are timely and focus on the current issues affecting particular community or a nation. Academic research topics for research papers must be in line with the specific academic discipline that it seeks to address. The ultimate research paper is one that revolves around academic topic and specific theme the researcher has set for research paper.
Arguments for pro or against the academic research paper topic is supposed to be backed up with evidence in a precise and direct fashion. Researchers who go around generalizing main issue that need to be address always write boring and wordy research papers.

Academic research papers follow instructions and guidelines of the assignment. If a researcher decides to write a custom paper, specific order of instruction must be adhered to; following instruction from online writing labs such as Purdue and owl is significantly important in ensuring that a standardized paper is delivered to the relevant audience.
Academic research paper topic allow for small window for a writer to express his/her thoughts unless the researcher is doing recommendation part of the paper. According to many research sites, research paper topic should focus on summary, persuasion or arguments, narration, evaluation, analysis, investigation and lastly observation.

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How to write a thesis for a research paper

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The #1 Reason Leadership Development Fails

An article named “The #1 Reason Leadership Development Fail” written by Mike Myatt, a Forbes journal contributor, adresses a problem of leadership training program inefectiveness in perspective of benefits to a person being trained, and consequently, orgainisation. Author states that “Training is often a rote, one directional, one dimensional, one size fits all, authoritarian process that imposes static, outdated information on people”, in contrary to mentoring and coaching practices, which are believed to be focused on people rather than techniqe or content. Provided, managerial development within organisation is essential to maintain healthy growth at an optimum, what methods should be used to ensure that strategical leadership decisions being made are correct, progressive and up to date?
In order to obtain unique people with extraordinary approach, organisation should take care to develop its leaders within “nuanced, contextual, collaborative, fluid, and above all else, actionable” boundaries.

While there is no perfect recipe for choosing “right” managerial directions, development must occur beyond the norm, as stated by author. Since development of leaders is aimed to ensure, that future of organisation will be in hands of profecient leaders, coaching must be crafted taking into account the specifics of business objectives, focus on growth and maximising the potential both of individuall and business, contributing to innovative business solutions and overal performance. By no means organisation should create people who are “robotic, static thinkers”. Undoubtfully, enterprise can not “grow and evolve if leadership is not”.

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Tukkies students to write English essay for me

‎ Tukkie is defined as a student at the University of South Africa, especially one of those students ‎who represent the sporting activities of the university. The Tukkies study in a public university ‎which deals with researches and outputs. The university was established in 1908 in Pretoria ‎which is the capital of South Africa. Since 1997, the university has produced many research ‎outputs compared to any other university. In 2008, the university was awarded around 15. 5 % of all ‎Master’s and Doctorate degrees, in South Africa. The university is called the UP, ‎Tuks of Tukkie.‎ The students of Tukkie are very ‎intelligent in studies and writing skills etc. and can easily tackle ‎English essays. So it is always ‎good to ask Tukkies students to write English essay for me. ‎
The student life in Tukkie tends to be very interesting considering the amount of facilities ‎available to them, which are high. The residential lives of students are great as campuses are ‎provided with good quality dorms. Students who do not live in university dorms have another ‎option and that is to live in one of the four Day Houses. Moreover, there are student organizations ‎as well which are recorded as 100 clubs which operate on campus. ‎
These consist of student governmental clubs, service providers and service organizations. ‎As happens in most of the schools and colleges, the main organizations are the Student ‎Parliament, Student Representative council and Student Court. However, there are various ‎societies with various categories such as religious, political, social, cultural and academic and many ‎others. These ensure that the university has a good level of social, cultural, intellectual and ‎recreational life for the students.

‎ There are many student activities and traditions that are followed every year as a ritual. These include ‎the common belief that if a blossom from a tree falls on you, you will do well in the exams. The ‎festivals celebrated by Tukkies include Spring day which is celebrated as a university holiday and ‎is held annually on every second Wednesday of September; Krekvars Arts Festival which is a ‎Drama festival where many plays and skits are done by the students; Lenkmelodienk is a song ‎and dance competition; Serenade and Serrie are the annual singing competition and; the UPSO ‎the UP Symphony Orchestra, which is an Orchestra festival. ‎
‎ As far as sporting activities are concerned, Tukkie has this long standing tradition of student ‎participation in sports and recreation activities. The university has 30 sports clubs, and 10 ‎academies, in which around 10,000 students participate each year. Two of the most famous and ‎most played games for Tukkies, are rugby and football.

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